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Do you want to open your MMBOXS -Pocket but you don`t have money ?


MMBOXS Intruduce our new program PPW (Pay Per Work), you can start saving for your automated account (MMBOXS - Pocket), the concept is easy, you work for specific tasks and we will pay you.


You can be assigned for the following tasks:


  • Update MMBOXS social networks ( 8 monthly post = 20USD)

  • Redirect emails ( 1USD per email)

  • Editing and Translation (10USD per Page)

  • Design an AD (25USD if it is approved )

  • New Idea (50USD if it is approved)

  • Feedbacks (15USD if it is approved)

  • Introducing clients ( from 3% to 5% of the initial balance) 


All the money you get for work will be in your MMBOXS - POCKET ACCOUNT, and you have to accept the following rules:


  1. The MMBOXS - Pocket will not be automated untill the accounts reach the 250USD in your account balance

  2. You can withdraw the money after the 2 months, but if you withdraw before you reach the 250USD and the profits from the first month, means you did not work for your Automated Account so you cannot work again for the company.

  3. The company has the right to close your account without previous notification if your behaving is not well considered for the company. 


If you are agree with all the terms, send the following personal information:


  • Full Name

  • ID

  • Address

  • City, Country

  • Spoken languages

  • Your skills

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