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Dear Entrepreneur
of this new system related to Bitcoin,

How are you and your investments in Bitcoins today?

Having left to start and Invest in something that today causes us uncertainty, let me give you a Big Congratulation!

Your life is about to change (That's right, if you haven't started to change yet). I am writing this letter to let you know why I believe it.
I know you're very busy (and if you're not, you'll soon be), so let me get to the point. Now you are an entrepreneur, you have undertaken a change in yourself, from the moment you believe that a currency like Bitcoin will change your future. But the reality, Time means a lot to you. In fact, it is not the Bitcoin that has Value listen to me well there is a more valuable and more vital Currency; Unfortunately, you don't have many and you'll never have so many. Because they also have something in common with Bitcoin and they are limited currencies, now you know why they are so valuable and why they become increasingly valuable.

When I first heard that you decided to become an entrepreneur of the unknown, to chart your own course in the crazy world of business, and I say crazy because it literally is. One part of me was really excited and then the other half was a bit "worried."
Let me tell you about both halves, so you know.

I was excited because you have decided to travel a path in life that many people are so afraid to take. Too many people have dreamed of launching and being an entrepreneur, turning their idea into physical reality and building a real and pleasant future present, from that, giving their dreams the opportunity to be successful in this market, but only a few have had the guts to take that brave step. The others simply sit quietly on their sofa of rationalizations or pretexts and look at the screen of their distorted idea, hoping that one day everything will be perfect and then get up and do something about it. You and I know that day will never come.

I have seen many of those people and I suspect you know some of them. I call those people The dreamers and nothing else. They prefer to dream and dream of being entrepreneurs than taking steps to become one. They have an idea of ​​what success is, sometimes even more than one, but they stop acting and taking action. In their minds, their ideas run at full production scale, but in reality, nothing is happening! They simply remain in their comfort zones and look at the caravan of time and opportunities that pass. If you've thought correctly, like when Bitcoin started with a value of 12 Cents. Well, I really don't blame them. In fact, being an entrepreneur is not easy. It comes with its own level of stress, (When Bitcoin starts to fall and some panic), Full of unknowns and fears (Not knowing if you're doing the right thing, if having invested in Bitcoins was a wise decision or it was simply Madness that surely many will tell you that). And who likes stress, unknowns and fears, anyway?

However, you overlooked those factors and still chose to do this; get on the line; To challenge the odds and register your belief and courage: To start an adventure and watch it grow and add real value to your life and create sustainable wealth in the process. For this, I greet you and I congratulate you again.

Participate in a revolving investment system where the main ingredient is to Give, Support, Serve, and Educate. Think about the number of lives that this decision will transform. The capacity you will develop. The works you will create. The mouths that you will feed, because yes, it is a fact that with this system you will cause a chain reaction of benefits and all for having assumed that belief in a value system. Add Benefits you will do to make innovations born. The culture flows. And the great contributions he will make to the development of a new community, nation and, yes, because not something global. Actually, taking this step to begin is the beginning of something monumental: the birth of a great, fairer future, where we all learn that by giving, we will have more.
So now you can see why I'm excited for you, right?
That said, let me tell you about why I am a bit "worried."

Actually, I'm not here to scare you, but I'm not here to hide the raw realities.
So I will tell you this, directly. If I press your buttons in the process, don't worry about me.
I'm just doing this for your own good.

Being an entrepreneur is not a child's game. And things don't happen because they do. I am talking about true participation and commitment on your part. Starting and building a successful process requires real work and sacrifices, many of them.

For your information, there will be long and lonely nights, because this system is not automatic It requires moving parts, yes, you are a moving part, which gives continuity to the process or stops it, now you see the part of my concern.

There will be days when you question your sanity for taking this step, they may call you crazy for believing in a currency-based system whose value is not sustainable without the support of people like you. There will be days when your friends, family, acquaintances, family members will not be there to encourage you but to persuade you that conformity is better and to live in the shadows of fear and failure than of your desired success. And you will only have yourself to encourage yourself, to see yourself in the mirror and not let the glow in your eyes go out. There will be days when it seems that the world is spinning so fast and you can't seem to control things or connect the dots. Days when you don't feel the usual juice of going outside and making a sale. Days when the eyes of their rising costs and falling profits simply refuse to blink. What would you do?


Yes I agree with you. In the end Being an entrepreneur makes you free. You are free because now you are your own boss, your own leader, and that those decisions you made remain firm, that your responsibilities give you that title that it imposes. You must stay true to your principles and values.
This is the time to make those brilliant decisions. Success is already underway, and this system only represents a small part of what a mutual cycle of cooperation really means.

Because in the end MYBANK is You.


I thank you so much for taking some time from you to read my humble letter that I have made with love and with my best thoughts for you,


My dear and Great Entrepreneur

Your Name

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