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As Albert Einstein said, bees are very important for the development of man since without them, 60% of the fruits and vegetables we consume today would disappear if they were not pollinated.

Of the 100 crop species that supply 90% of the world's food, bees pollinate more than 70% of them. In addition, they pollinate more than 25,000 species of flowering plants. Without these insects the agricultural activity would practically disappear, the human kind also.

It simulates an automated economy based on artificial intelligence based on a financial activation, based on the bee pollination model. A person may use the return of one of their investments, to pay an expense of his budget at the end of the month, for example SUPERMARKET EXPENSES. This process will be carried out automatically by the hive (Stock in AI) and may be repeated several times to cover other areas of his budget (Vehicle, House, Gym, Entertainment, Medical Insurance ... etc)

Neural networks are revolutionizing virtually every aspect of financial and investment decision making. Financial firms worldwide are employing neural networks to tackle difficult tasks involving intuitive judgement or requiring the detection of data patterns which elude conventional analytic techniques. Many observers believe neural networks will eventually outperform even the best traders and investors. Neural networks are already being used to trade your personal portfolio, to forecast the economy and to analyze, choosing the investment according to your life, but not only that, The ssystem has the capability to improve your life style

As you can see at the image below, the Stocken AI

At the beginning, the first investment will be distributed focusing on that area of the monthly budget of the people where they need it most, therefore the hive sector will be activated within the honeycomb, For example: The Basic Food hexagon will be activated


Name: John Smith

Initial Investment: $10,000.00

Monthly Investment Profits: $300

Stocken: 30 (300/10)

Hexagon Activated: Food

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