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1. Why this is an amazing mathematical model?

Each time a person deposits or withdraws, 15% of the transaction is debited, this amount is distributed proportionally to all other people who are within the system. No matter the position in this system, any time is good to invest.

If we think how many people in a year, or more, are going to enter the system, and how many transactions are going to be made we can have a good idea of how much each of us can earn

2. Is this a pyramid model?

Absolutely not, here everyone benefits, there is no group that has started at the beginning that has an advantage, there is no initial position here. Each person who enters will receive money from each transaction and the flow of operations that Mybank executes as its normal asset in the automation of stock market processes.

3. Is Mybank using my money to trade?

Mybank has invested an initial amount, which it uses to run moderately in the stock market. At no time use the money of investors. Rather the profits are distributed to all investors in a proportional way, this is a complement to the mathematical model so that it works optimally.

4. Why the initial investment is increasing every 10K?

We use this formula so that every time there is a distribution, there are not many disparate accounts. by increasing every 10k we increase the distribution of higher profits for each account proportionally. This has also been as a result of the mathematical formula

5. What currency would my investment be in?

We use BITCOIN for this system, since it represents a double investment in time, it is a digital asset that is gaining value over time since it has a limit amount of issuance, unlike other currencies that lose their value since they are issued without limit.

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