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Frequently ask Questions 


Is my Investment Safe ?

All our systems are verified constantly, we use many filters to reduce the risk in almost all the fluctuations, and we are proud to say, the stability for all the accounts in MY MONEY BOXS is something that we are always working on.


I am skeptical about these kind of investments ?

We are agree on this point, but if you consider to see it in another angle, the only thing you can do is try it, if you really want to make diversifications in your investments portfolio. Our reputation, honor and good performance precedes us in my money box,  which makes most customers to try our services with a minimum investment.​


Is MMBOXSis a business of money management ?

No, we do not manage money, we only make your account in automated mode. It means we will make all the process easy for you, to open your account with our actual broker and make all the automations in your account, so you don`t have to do anything, your account will start making profits by itself.​


why we need to sign a risk disclaimer ?

Because this is a speculative market, that means this is the kind of investments that is not for everybody, the people who don`t understand that every investment has a risk, are people not suitable for this. Think about this, all the people in FORTUNE 500, are on the top because they were and are willing to take risk​s.


MMBOXS is into the forex market ?

Yes, If we are offering nice profits returns, we have to be into the biggest financial market in the world. Making transactions every day with Currencies, Index, Commodities, and Stocks.​

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