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Business today, it is critical to focus the company's talents on the work that produces the best and most productive outcome.  MY MONEY BOX is part of the FX-MEGAFOREX Group, and we are offering to our clients, the best financial system technology for their investments. Nowadays the way of the investments are changing as we are moving step by technology, and how we can benefits from it. Our honesty, transparency and dynamism makes our company to be considered as an alternative for portfolio diversification, for corporates and individuals.
Our company offer two systems proven investment in the biggest financial market.
Every system has gone through a significant series of validation processes to ensure their suitability for your investment needs including: No human resources in many processes to avoid the human error.


48 Wall Street, 11th Floor​

New York City, NY 10005

United States



MY MONEY BOX SYSTEM  works in the  management  investments portfolios. We have been in  the wold biggest financial market  since 2008 establishing good relationships with our clients. Offering them the best automated system for their investments.


Our vast knowledge helps us to understand each client's investment objectives, choosing the most appropriate solution toachieve their in goals:

to preserve and enhance the well-being of those who trust us.


Our goal is: To make My Money Box System one of the best and most popular tool around the world for your investments, The way to get profits and invest has changed thanks to the technology, it is the time to try this present future and not the traditional deposits with other institutions who worksfor them not for you.


After all, Our System has been created to be simple, easy, and accessible to anyone anywhere in the world.


Moreover, My Money Box System is the best financial tool that does not require spend time and high costs.

For example, everyone can open an invest account in the stock market and just see how our automated systems works for him. The most important aspect is the ability to get profits in the biggest financial market without any effort or knowledge. Our automated system will do everything for you. At the same time, as we know, the stock market is perhaps the most highly profitable source of livelihood and income, that makes our system in a good source with a low level risk. 


We offer a wide range of products for your investment portfolio.



This is an innovative automated system that works for you 24 hours



All investment decisions are based on an assessment of risks and opportunities



We offer 4 different investment portfolios linked with colors for an easy selection



We are glad to introduce you one of the best broker around the world

Thank you for reading this, and i hope your MY MONEY BOX SYSTEM can contribute to your wealthy life.

My best for you

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Automated System

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